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Thermojet Body Wrap

The Thermojet Infrared Body Wrap treatment is designed to initiate the process of lipolysis (breakdown of stored fat) in the body. This unique system uses bimodal (short and long wave) infrared technology to break down free fatty acids and release them into the blood stream for metabolism. Reduce the appearance of cellulite and lose inches in 6-9 treatments.

Price: $130/session and packages available

Thermojet Wrap from Broadway Skin Studio

A real “weigh in” on this fat melting device from a Broadway Skin Studio client:

I first heard about Thermojet from a friend who had utilized a package of these treatments to help break through a plateau that occurred in the last phase of her weight loss regimen. After Thermojet, she reported a decrease in cellulite appearance, a noticeable increase in her metabolism and she was able to finally fit into her favorite pair of “skinny jeans.”

I too had been participating in a weight loss regimen and thought, why not give Thermojet a try? Especially since Sara Davenport of Broadway Skin Studio was able to offer this hard to find body wrap as a treatment for her clients.

I underwent 8 sessions with the Thermojet, all which totally allowed me to detoxify my system, melt fat and cellulite in stubborn areas (primarily my buttocks, hips and thighs) while carving out my curves in all the right places. The Thermojet treatments initiate thermolipolysis defined as a “fat burning process which is created by an increased metabolic rate and the infared rays work from the deep fat layers to the superficial (dermis) layer.” Thermojet breaks down the fats into a more liquid form, which allows the secretion of excess bodily fluids to release water, toxins and fat as you perspire.

I have seen Sara before to get rid of spider veins on my legs and for microdermabrasion. Both treatments have minimal downtime and allow me to be in and out. I am happy to say that the Thermojet also requires NO DOWNTIME, which is a big deal for the girl on the go. Each session lasts for one hour, more often than not during which I got a great power nap and I became addicted to the feeling of sweating out the stress from my day.

The Thermojet consists of 6 parts-2 wraps for your arms, 2 wraps for your legs, a wrap for your hips and stomach. Sara is especially accommodating, while you are exposed to some heat from this device, she maintains a fan to keep you cool and you can comfortably sip water, send emails from your phone, even get a microdermabraison if you really want to maximize your time in Sara’s chair.

All in all, the real “weigh in” on the Thermojet is that it works. I especially started to notice results in my arms within the first 3 treatments.

-M.M, Broadway Skin Studio Client