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California Medical Board Increases Requirements for Medical Spas

The Medical Board of California is aggressively investigating the unlicensed practice of medicine. It has a separate department called “Operation Safe Medicine.”

This investigation is not limited to backroom medical practices but includes practices owned by physicians where the level of medical supervision is not sufficient, nurses operate a laser for hair removal where there has not been a good faith medical exam by a physician or advanced practitioner such as a physician assistant or nurse practitioner, or, receptionists selling Latisse to patients without a good faith medical exam and prescription.

The climate is not favorable for Medical Spa practices and the Medical Board is sending in undercover agents. There have been hearings at the Medical Board about the level of supervision for nurses in medical spas and cosmetic practices and one of the outcomes of these hearings was increased enforcement.

It is important for the public to be aware of the changes in practice requirements so that they may receive the highest quality of care when receiving cosmetic treatments. As a consumer, it is in your best interest to make sure the facility you choose is operating under the requirements set forth by the state medical and nursing boards.

Please feel free to contact the office with any question. Broadway Skin Studio prides itself in providing all patients with the highest quality of care, we comply with all current California laws.